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Headteacher: Tracie Langfield

Read to Succeed!

We are passionate about encouraging children to be excellent readers and to be lifelong lovers of books. In school, children have daily
reading lessons, they use good quality books to inspire their writing and we have regular author or Book Day events too.

Regular reading is known to improve children’s ability to communicate and to think. Confident readers are also likely to be more successful in both their future school and working life.

We encourage all parents to partner with us by reading regularly with their children at home. Children bring home a book from school to read each day, from the day they start at Astley to the day they leave.

There are also many other ways that you can help foster a love of books. You may consider joining your local library or your child might like to enjoy ebooks online by signing up free here.

These websites are also useful if your child needs to discover new authors in order to stay interested and excited about books.

If you are interested to know the top 100 books children should read during their time at primary school, please click here.