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High quality, teacher led Nursery provision for 3-4 year olds now available at Astley Primary School
Free 30 hours government funded places available for eligible families
If you would like to visit us or for more information, please email the School Office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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‘We will show everyone love and respect, living and learning with courage and joy.’


Science is a way to understand our world by asking questions and testing our ideas with observations and experiments.

At Astley C.E. Primary School, the Science National Curriculum is taught through a series of unit plans, based on enquiry questions, covering the big ideas contained within the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Alongside developing scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding, children develop important scientific skills that enable them to increasingly think like a scientist. Through science, we encourage children to become curious about natural phenomena and to explore how things work or behave. 

Each unit of work studied includes key concepts, skills and specialist science vocabulary which is revisited and built upon throughout the primary years to ensure a secure knowledge base.

High quality fiction and non-fiction texts are always used within a unit of work to provide a relevant and exciting context for learning. We link science learning to other subject areas, wherever possible.

Visits and visitors are an important part of many of our units of work enabling children to make their learning relevant to our locality. This includes visits to the Carpet Museum in Kidderminster, local streams, rivers and Shrawley Woods, as well as visits further afield to farms and science museums.